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Here is a list of the people that Matched at Jefferson Hospital (plus one or two extras)...  Just in case you were interested...


Match Location(s)



Dave Beausang Drexel/Jefferson Anesthesiology
Rebecca Bernstein Jefferson Family Medicine
Jason Bessey Jefferson Ortho Research
Andy Boryan Reading Hospital/UVA Anesthesiology
Beth Careyva Jefferson Family Medicine
Min Jung Chun Temple/Jefferson Anesthesiology
Erika Davis Jefferson Surgical Preliminary
Sarah DeBoer Jefferson Family Medicine
Katharine DeGeorge Jefferson Research
Kiran Devaraj Jefferson Internal Medicine
Joanna Fertala Jefferson/A.I DuPont HFC Pediatrics
Neena Ghose Jefferson Family Medicine
Chris Henry Jefferson Internal Medicine
Heidi Hermes U. Washinton/Jefferson Dermatology
Karen Hoerst Jefferson Neurology
Witney Jackson Jefferson Internal Medicine
Daron Kahn Jefferson Internal Medicine
Cecilia Kelly Jefferson Internal Medicine
Geoffrey Koff Jefferson Internal Medicine
Kathleen Lamb Jefferson Surgery
Monica Lancellotti Jefferson/A.I. DuPont HFC Pediatrics
Michael Lee Lankenau/Jefferson Dermatology
Wai Jenn Lim Jefferson Psychiatry
Christopher Martin Jefferson Psychiatry
Christopher Miller Jefferson Internal Medicine
Christopher Mingrone U. Washington Anesthesiology
Laura Novak Jefferson Psychiatry
Robert Olszewski Reading Hospital/Jefferson Anesthesiology
William Parkes Jefferson Otolaryngology
Peiris Baminihannadige Jefferson Internal Medicine
Jascha Rubin Jefferson Internal Medicine
Jasjit Saini Jefferson OB-GYN
Steven Schaefer Virginia Mason/Jefferson Anesthesiology
Jay Sellers Jefferson Internal Medicine
Kavita Shah Jefferson OB-GYN
Waleed Shah Reading Hospital/Jefferson Anesthesiology
Kelly Sheridan Jefferson Internal Medicine
Joshua Siglin Easton/Jefferson Radiation Oncology
Stephen Stache Jefferson Family Medicine
Jessica Stirpe Jefferson Neurology
Julia Switzer Jefferson OB-GYN
Renee Tholey Jefferson Surgery
Alison Walsh Christiana/Jefferson Neurology
Matthew Witek Lankenau/Jefferson Radiaton Oncology